Tuesday, February 17, 2009

When life seems tough . . . resolve . . . (even though New Years was over a month ago).

Sometimes, I wonder how I can continue . . . I'm not particularily good at anything. And it seems like I mess things up more than I contribute. I recieved this quote many years ago and have clung to it. Hopefully it will inspire you as much as it does me. At least I will have a new location to find it when I need.

I resolve that from now on I will be a woman of higher and more sterling character, more conscious of my weaknesses, more kind and charitable toward the failings of others. i resolve that i shall practice more self-control i my home; I shall control my temper, my feelings and my tongue that they may not wander beyond teh bounds of right and purity: that I shall do more seeking to develop the spiritual side of my life, and realize how dependent I am upon God for success in this life.

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