Sunday, March 22, 2009

Her New Hobbie

Isn't she gorgeous! Taking photos of the photographer!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


I have seven kidos and it is very difficult to find time to sit down and talk one on one for much time each day. But I want my kids to feel like we can talk whenever they would like about whatever they would like. We can up with journals. They each have their own journal that they can write in whatever they would like. Good, bad, or ugly. They write in it and put it on my bed - then I write back and put it on their beds. They are strictly forbidden to read each others journals. It has been amazing! My kids tell me things I know they wouldn't tell me face to face. And I tell them things I probably wouldn't say so often. It really has been AMAZING!

Lunchbox Lessons

One of my biggest challenges as the mother of seven is the food issue! "Mom, can I have a snack?" That is the war cry around my house! DRIVES me crazy! Anyway, I was thinking of ways I could make life more enjoyable for myself and my children. (When Momma ain't happy - ain't nobody happy!) Well I decided that if I could make snacks that my children could have when they wanted without asking me and without eating the food I was planning on using for dinner - we would all be happier. So I came up with lunchboxes that I would pack once a day - I put in a lunch and two snacks - the kids know which lunchbox is theirs and they can eat it whenever they want - but once it is gone it is gone! It has been awesome! Now, I am not getting bombarded with the constant "what can I eat?" and they feel independent and able to eat when and what they want! Perfect!

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