Sunday, March 22, 2009

Her New Hobbie

Isn't she gorgeous! Taking photos of the photographer!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


I have seven kidos and it is very difficult to find time to sit down and talk one on one for much time each day. But I want my kids to feel like we can talk whenever they would like about whatever they would like. We can up with journals. They each have their own journal that they can write in whatever they would like. Good, bad, or ugly. They write in it and put it on my bed - then I write back and put it on their beds. They are strictly forbidden to read each others journals. It has been amazing! My kids tell me things I know they wouldn't tell me face to face. And I tell them things I probably wouldn't say so often. It really has been AMAZING!

Lunchbox Lessons

One of my biggest challenges as the mother of seven is the food issue! "Mom, can I have a snack?" That is the war cry around my house! DRIVES me crazy! Anyway, I was thinking of ways I could make life more enjoyable for myself and my children. (When Momma ain't happy - ain't nobody happy!) Well I decided that if I could make snacks that my children could have when they wanted without asking me and without eating the food I was planning on using for dinner - we would all be happier. So I came up with lunchboxes that I would pack once a day - I put in a lunch and two snacks - the kids know which lunchbox is theirs and they can eat it whenever they want - but once it is gone it is gone! It has been awesome! Now, I am not getting bombarded with the constant "what can I eat?" and they feel independent and able to eat when and what they want! Perfect!

Saturday, February 28, 2009


I found a baby book - that has helped me understand my baby!

The Baby Whisperer, by Tracy Hogg

4 steps I follow (my husband follows when he is watching her too).

Babys do need routine and a schedule and they are hard to put on one - always seems to change - well anyway this is what she suggests.

E eat
A activity
S sleep
Y your time

This has helped with overfeeding, not getting any thing done. The book is amazing! Buy this one too! I have flexibility and predictability!

You can order from amazon for around $7.00.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Laundry Helps

I hate laundry - but my sista has some good ideas I want to share with you.

I have heard a lot of people complaining about laundry lately and usually I would be right there with them but, for some strange reason laundry isn't as bad as it used to be so I started think why? What I came up with is that I decided not to try to do ALL my laundry one day and FINISH it. Because that was just setting me up for disappointment. Instead I have been just doing a couple loads hear and there through out the week. It makes it so much better when I don't think I am DONE. Because you all know you can never be done with laundry, as soon as you think you are done someone changes their clothes. Another thing that makes it better is I discovered my kids don't follow me into the laundry room. I don't know why they try to follow me everywhere else in the house, including the bathroom. So this makes laundry much more enjoyable because it is a time to myself. Because of the last reason I have started folding my laundry in the laundry room where I have a basket with each family members name on it. I fold the clothes and put it in the correct basket then other then mine and Hannah's clothes I am done. Tony puts his own away and the boys just dress out of their baskets, which is actually nice because they take off their dirty clothes in the laundry room and saves me collecting laundry.Any how one day when I am rich (which really means it will never happen but it would be nice) I am going to build my own house that has a very large laundry room with closets built in, maybe even dressing room things. SO clothes never leave the laundry room unless they are on someone, and they always get left there when they are taken off.I know I do things strange but it is the way I like them so it works for me. Any how have fun doing your laundry!

A Hard Week . . . yet I still found inspiration

This week was HARD! I feel like I have lost 3 of my good friends - to mistrust. I am SAD!

But, I bought a book - because I LOVE books. And I read it that first night. Maybe I was suppose to read it, because I have learned a lot.

Hilary Weeks, Believe in What You're Doing, Believe in Who You Are -- is the title and author.

So, what did I learn?

1. Don't worry about what others think of you. Worry about what they think of themselves when they are with you!
2. In D&C 67 - it talks about we need not have a heart full of fear - because Heavenly Father then has a hard time reaching us -- go read it!
3. Scripture study (no matter how small) can decrease feelings of being overwhelmed, increase feelings of empowerment. Heavenly Father will sustain us with his power.
4. Last but not least, Like the scripture story about the loaves and fishes - there wasn't enough. Lots of times we don't have enough (energy, kindness, patience, etc.) WE MUST pray to recieve whatever is necessary.

Go buy the book. It's amazing and very helpful when your blue. I feel less overwhelmed and sad. In fact, I think I am going to rebuild my relationship with my friends.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

When life seems tough . . . resolve . . . (even though New Years was over a month ago).

Sometimes, I wonder how I can continue . . . I'm not particularily good at anything. And it seems like I mess things up more than I contribute. I recieved this quote many years ago and have clung to it. Hopefully it will inspire you as much as it does me. At least I will have a new location to find it when I need.

I resolve that from now on I will be a woman of higher and more sterling character, more conscious of my weaknesses, more kind and charitable toward the failings of others. i resolve that i shall practice more self-control i my home; I shall control my temper, my feelings and my tongue that they may not wander beyond teh bounds of right and purity: that I shall do more seeking to develop the spiritual side of my life, and realize how dependent I am upon God for success in this life.

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